damnit mom, where's my phone call?!

update: dad's doing ok. might be released sometime monday or tuesday. had a good cathartic cry when i talked to my brother. i'm the type of person who, when they hear bad news, completely shuts down. mostly because if i let an inkling of it out - that's it. hello floodwaters. so i've been in shut-down mode since 3 am on wednesday. it's almost 11 on thursday. it was a-comin'.

also, even though i rant about the 90% and the dash/em dash issue, my anatomy teacher is still rockin'. he's really the best teacher out of the 4 i have this semester. i think i did super on the test today.

this is my life, rated
life: 7.2
mind: 6.9
body: 7.7
spirit: 6.8
friends/family: 5.3
love: 7.7
finance: 8.4
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Madge said...

still thinking of you + sending good thoughts to china

kimberlina said...

thanks madge. *smile* i'm glad he's stabilizing, too. i got to talk to him for a bit wednesday night, but could hardly understand him - accent + drugs + super hoarse voice = kim upset and unable to understand what's going on.

also, what's up with my friends/family section being so low?!?

Madge said...

i can't be sure.

but apparently, you're loaded. alaskan tacos on kimberlina!

Supermans Foot said...

best wishes in everything. Hope things continue to improve

Rowan said...

yet another life better than mine!

Glad your dad is ok though