home again home again

i hate mondays.

doesn't everyone?

even when skipping work from stress, mondays still suck total ass.


slept in, had the singularly crappiest test in the world, rushed to finish a lab, did lab (in which we have no chairs, so my back was killing me), then got the "why don't you believe in a higher intelligent existence?" conversation from my professor when all i wanted to do was go home and eat (i ate at 12 pm, it was then 8:30 pm) and nurse my aching uterus.

again *le sigh*

it's late now and i must be getting sleep.

things on my mind:
  • need sleep
  • desire sleep
  • want sleep
  • chemistry is my personal hell
  • also, stairs
  • pharmacy - good?
  • craft - better?
  • dad doing better
  • home soon?
some pics to keep me happy and somewhat sane:

lee & tiffany
lee & tiffany



kill kill!


tiffany took this photo of her dad : )

trauma center
anthony showing tiffany the trauma center game on ds. tiffany loves surgeries. she was addicted to the discovery channel when she lived here. i bet she'll be a surgeon when she grows up. ...maybe she can give me an allowance in my old age...


*le happy sigh*


{STAR} said...

I am happy to hear you are home, and your father is doing ok. We need to schedule some fun between that stress of yours :) Ahhh I am planning out my next semester classes. Are you taking tons of hard classes again? Hope we can make a craft night with the new schedules! <3

Sleep Goblin said...

You are so cool. I stole your *le sigh* and have been using it as necessary.

kimberlina said...

star - craft night is needed. i really don't know if i can pull off this school thing. i don't know if it's stress + school + work or just the school + work.

maybe a combo of both.

sleepy goblie - steal away, m'dear, steal away. the invoice is in the mail. ;)


also - anyone notice weird tints w/ my pictures? they look good on my flat screen at home, but at work they look like crap. what do you see?

fb said...

I'm very confused as to where you've been where you are and what you are doing...

{STAR} said...

The pictures look great on both my computer and the crapy ones at school. No worries. Were we planning a Mon. or Wed craft night? I thought it was Wed, but Jen said it was Mon. Blah I want to make knitted warm things to wear this winter :)

Rowan said...

my son likes feather dusters too!

Madge said...

please add tuesdays to your list of things that suck.

no, i do not see a tint to your pictures. they are all so adorable + cheering me up, so they are definitely working.

if you're considering giving up pharmacy, you'd make a fabulous librarian. we need more sane ones.

kimberlina said...

mr fb - i'll try and be more lucid in the next post. i've been too stressed to think in any sort of linear pattern. ;)

star - i have a scarf i want to knit, too! i'm so excited. so. so. excited.

rowan - and rainbow ones are so colorful!

madge - i think all weekdays can almost be included amongst the days that suck. i'm glad there's no tint!

Meaghan said...

That picture of you and Anthony is so adorable I almost made it my wallpaper on my computer. How weird is that? I wouldn't put Craig up, but I'd put you two up? You two are cuter, so actually, it's probably not that strange after all. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, but I'm glad to hear that he's okay. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

Madge said...

**About library school & the GRE:

USF recently changed their admission requirements:

If you, Ms. Kimberlina, meet the following requirement, then you DO NOT have to take the f*ing GRE to join USF's library school:

1. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above in upper-division coursework from a regionally-accredited institution.

I might be wrong, but I really, really, really think you meet this requirement.

If you stick with pharmacy, that is fine. You'll make a lot more money as a pharmacist diva.

But you might not be as happy. :)

Madge said...

*When I say USF changed their admission requirments, I specifically mean the School of Library + Information Science grad program.

Madge said...

Do it. Do it. Do it!

Okay, I won't bug you no mo'.

B.O.B.I. said...

Your aching uterus? What the hell does that mean? Are you sick or something?

Also, I can respect the crapful Mondays. This week's Monday did not go smoothly, no sir. Not at all. Actually, this week isn't going smoothly.


Virginia said...

Loved the flow of "things on my mind" - almost like a poem!
Am at work covering reception and performance manager just arrived - d'oh.
(But at least am no longer a blog stalker!)

kimberlina said...

madge: i'm totally doing it. totally.

bobi: i heart my aching uterus.

virginia: miss you!