and like that, i crash into a comfy chair in front of a computer.

*le sigh*

the weekend has been most enjoyable.

visits from friends far-flung, drinks *way* too strong, the licking of art and museums, drunk pictures of said friends, thrift stores and shopping and costumes and zombies and peeling flesh, korean food and bibimbop, good music and alaskan tacos, sleeping in and pancakes.

i could go on and on.

perhaps tomorrow i'll be able to post images, but for now, this will suffice.

work and school are turning me, truly, into a zombie. i often feel blank. my mind no longer functions properly and i no longer try to remember things long term. work keeps me jumping from one thing to another, post-its adorn my cube in a cascading waterfall of sticky yellow bits of paper.

today i went to the mall with anthony and actually loved every minute. the mall isn't really a "loving it" kind of place. but it was just so nice to spend time with him in a kicking-back-screw-the-night kind of way. i miss the days when i could fritter away an entire evening doing NOTHING. now it's work, school, study, sleep. wash and repeat.

*stretch* almost time for bed now, it seems.


funny conversation in my anatomy class went something like this:

*lots of talk about stem cells, religious right in office making too many decisions that affect everyone*

after class, a comment from a student

"you know, bush is going to be the last president with traditional values."

the way it was said, i couldn't be sure if the student was for, or against, bush

but then it was followed by

"it's good and bad, you know. bad because, well, the end of traditional family values, but good because it's marking the second coming of christ."


*skritch-y record player noise*

uh, wtf? are you serious?

well, at least we have a solid date.

at that point i kinda turned heel, thinking i might blurt out something i would regret later. in retrospect, i should have stayed to see what more might have transpired. more fodder for the 'ol blog.



Madge said...

Thank you for the birthday & Halloween wishes!

How was the slide show slide show?

Loving *le sigh*

Also, it is very mysterious to me that your classmate is spending money on an anatomy class. Isn't tuition kind of...like...an investment for the future? Hmmm.

*Madge confused*

This is why, in my humble opinion, fundamentalists shouldn't be running the country.

Bobby said...

weird. strange. but amusing.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating... In four years of study in a seminary, we came to the humble conclusion that it doesn't really matter if or when the world is going to end, there's plenty enough injustice to worry about right now... I'm amazed that someone who is apparently living an intellectually and spiritually contradictory life (thanks Madge for pointing that out) is able to, with great certainty, determine when the world will end. Hmmmmm...

Being a progressive Christian, may I please remind the world (or at least all of Kimberlina'a blog readers), once again, that not all of us are like this, and certainly not all of us let this president determine what it means to be Christian or even remotely define "traditional family values" for us...

And, once again, thanks to Madge for differentiating between fundamentalists and Christians - it's not a distinction many will make right now!!

*I step down from my soap box*

What a world, what a country....

*le sigh* indeed....


kimberlina said...

madge: slide show slide show went well! i'll have a little blurb about it once i get pictures up. maybe tonight? if i don't crash into bed, of course.

bobby: just like this world. strange, yet amusing. very pithy.

mich: i need to buy plane tickets! thank you for your soapbox talk, i always love them. you are my favorite progressive christian. ;) hm, wait, do i know any others...?!?

Rowan said...

what are alaskan tacos? is it dessert?

...and about that 2nd coming of Christ person, umm can we say cuckoo?

kimberlina said...

mmm... alaskan tacos are fish or shrimp tacos. they sound gross - i was hesitant at first, but they are DIVINE.

assuming you like seafood, of course. :)

fb said...

I have visions of you going to museums waiting for security to turn away then 'licking' the art!

You said it not me in your post!

Sleep Goblin said...

Wow.. I just can't believe what some people will come up with. Mich, I love you for using your brain with your faith. Thank you for demonstrating that the two are not mutually exclusive. Though I'm sure those who think otherwise would call you a heretic or something.

kimberlina said...

fb: hehe. my friend erika has licked keith haring. you have to be careful, though. many museums have sensors that bleat when you get too close. ;)

sleep goblin: yea. mich is the best. i love her, too. smart people make me happy.

FRITZ said...

Hmmm...you sound like you take too much on. You damn perfectionist. Overachiever.

When you are rich, you will remember this comment and think, "Ha! Look where all my hard work got me, Fritz!"

Person in anatomy class=contradiction. People who think like that should not be in the medical field, because don't they believe God fixes health problems and doctors/pharmacists shouldn't intervene?

I am also glad that we can program our clocks around Bush. I will die young, still decent looking, and I will get out of debt.