i am exhausted. i am crashing into bed. it is 9 pm.
it is good.

here is my friend erika. she teaches high school.


ANYways. we'll see about the rest this weekend. i'll get your slides up, jen & rachel & star & erikina!


B.O.B.I. said...


She... teaches... High School...?

Wow. Those poor male students.

They must never get anything done!

::discreetly copies and saves Erika's picture::

By the way, Mat is too much of a BAMF to be wearing stirrup pants. Unless they're BAMF Stirrup Pants. Then he might.

Rowan said...

Where were the teachers like that when I was in school?

Harry Yak said...

guess i'm not alone in thinking that i was back in high school. talk about hot for teacher....david lee roth where, oh where are you?

kimberlina said...

i know it, right? she's a total cutie. hottie. whatever. she's my muse. i can't stop taking photos of her when i have a camera and she's in proximity.

Madge said...

Fabulous photo! I can see this as a cover for so many different magazines, really!

Thank you for the second pour! Much needed...much appreciated!

Gasp - my microwave caught on fire! High trauma! Just had to share.

fb said...

How does she hide her wings?

An angel called Erika...

B.O.B.I. said...

Kimmy- Yeah, beef whistle.

Ya know, like... how's about playing my beef whistle for a bit?

::waggles eyebrows::

And I chose maraccas because I wanted to stick with the music theme.

C'mon, baby, the beef whistle practically begs to be practiced!

Man I'm naughty today!

LBseahag said...

hello...any blogger buddy of harry yak is a-okay in my book ;)

Supermans Foot said...

I crashed out so much earlier. All good Steve's need to catch up on lots of beauty sleep

Bobby said...

i had one teacher that was hot like that, people would fail to retake her class.

FRITZ said...

Hotsy Totsy!
Does she know she's that fly?

She's a fly girl. I can immediately tell I would like her and hate her all at once. She's confident, gorgeous, and smart.

She's probably funny, too. Go, girl!

Erika said...

wow, thanks you guys. I don't even know you, but suddenly you are my favorite people in all the world. I'm single by the way.