listening to the smiths and aloha. some in flames. trying to block out the news and crappy music. sitting in the computer lab in the social sciences building. should be working on chemistry, but EFF chemistry. EFF the 76 i got on that last test.


all i remember thinking is, "this is such bullshit..." and then walking out. hahahaha! if i get a 95 on this next test, i won't have to take the final and will still have an A - here's to hope and studying! (just... later. study later.)

so, here's my life in 5000 words or less.

"this is your life, get used to it"
- liars academy (serendipidous ipod moment)

born 3.14.79 (einstein's birthday! eli whitney patented the cotton gin!)
5 lbs 14 oz. @ 9:14 am
china trip 1
first memory: watching my mom get her palm read in china
grew up in fort myers, florida - summer home of edison & ford
china trip 2
humongous glasses
butt-length hair
total band nerd
total school nerd
spent most of the time at parent's chinese restaurant playing video games in the back and making tents out of tables and linens with my younger brother
barnes & noble was THE hangout (and still is)
lots and lots of movies
played trumpet, french horn, flugelhorn
boyfriend 1
first kiss at 18
costa rica trip
australia trip
europe trip 1
college 3 yrs in atlanta
all-woman's college
got to see leaves change! ice storm! sushi every week!
studied abroad in firenze (omg - gelato)
china trip 3
finished at fsu
boyfriend 2
major: studio art
job at borders ($6/hr?!)
met anthony - boyfriend 3
china trip 4 - mantis shrimp
job in healthcare
girlfriend sweatshop

hm. and that's it. i might add to this later. i feel like it's so short! i'm glad that travel was such a big part of my life. even though jet fuel smell makes me gag like no one's business.

i guess i just feel like evaluating my life. overall, my life is +7 happy (that's for you, mr. vilorio). the -3 comes from my career and job.

how does one figure out what to do in life? for a while, i wanted to be a librarian. but the gre scared me off. i pushed it from my mind. i got this job in healthcare. then i wanted to do phamacy. but now... seriously, chemistry sucks. chemistry kills. chemistry kills my fun & sanity dead.

also, there's the fact that i think the pharmaceutical industry isn't really good - we're overmedicated as a country. and i don't think i even spelled "pharmaceutical" correctly....

and then *the sound of angels singing & pure white light* star and madge learn me that usf doesn't require the gre for aspiring librarians with a gpa of 3.0 in undergraduate studies. i see a hint of happiness. we'll see where this plot takes me. i feel like a choose your own adventure book - i've backtracked and tried another storyline and only lost a little bit of reading time.

so, fb, that's where i've been, and hopefully, where i'm going.


{STAR} said...

Yay! for Kim! Let me know if I can help you in anyway... such as tours of USF and the Library Science department (Com. Building). Possibly meet with my favorite Library Science Professor who offers happy guidance into the Library Science program :) O and I will get back with you on any job openings in the county. I have been secretly so excited while you were thinking about your path in life.... g'night.

Madge said...

You played the french horn! In my book, you could not be any cooler. (Ever since I studied the symphony orchestra in grade 3, my love for the french horn has been long-winded. Totally lame pun intended.)

And you have traveled so far + wide.

I do hope that, in this Choose Your Own Adventure sequence, you end up at the library.

Perchance medical librarianship? They are SO needed, btw.

Sleep Goblin said...

I'm glad that you found a way around your fears of the GRE, but really.. I took it twice.. it's not so bad. :)

kimberlina said...

star: rock on, my fellow sweatshop worker! i may take you up on your offers.. ;)

madge: i love all this support. corporate life is just not for me. *sigh* i heart madge lame-puns.

sleep: my fear of standardized tests run deep. alas!

B.O.B.I. said...

Sorry you think Chemistry sucks. I have fond memories of it...
But then, I'm not taking P- or O-Chem, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Sounds like you've had a pretty cool life! I haven't gone anywhere... lucky you.

As for the MUD, yeah, some friends of mine and I are sick of the way a lot of the onling gaming is going these days, so we're making our own. Tolbs is the coding/dev God of Gods, Wildraco and I are kind of creative geniuses and idiots at the same time(large parts of it will be extremely silly), and there's a couple other guys for extra viewpoints/coding experience.

The progress will be slow for a while now; we have yet to get some of the basics up and from there we have to discuss what else we should discuss. Yeah, it's gonna be all complex and shit. But fun!

Rowan said...

This is the saddest thing for me personally -- when I put life down on paper, it either looks really accomplished, or unbelieveably empty; usually the latter.

I'm sure you are fine though and you obviously have been pushing yourself hard through school. it'll pay off and those folk that tell you that working life is better than school life? They are absolutely right!

Supermans Foot said...

keep your head down and hopefully it'll all be worth it sooner rather than later

fb said...

Can you stop poking me with your finger after each point please...


Erika said...

Your life is so short because you forgot:
-Erika discovers me in middle school gym class struggling to do a pull-up. Takes me under her wing
-Crazed obsession with the New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC), and with my cool new friend, Erika.
-Rabid Blue Hippo notebook with Erika.
-Crazed obsession with ugly blonde kid (hang on, I have to look his name up in the hippo notebook...Nathan (a.k.a. - "h.w.d.w.t.m.t.s.d.n.f.")
-Crazed drunkeness in Paris, which Erika was fortunate enough to photograph
-Cut butt-length hair.
-Continued obsession with cool friend Erika by leaving all-girl college to be with her at FSU
-Dream realized: became roommates with Erika
etc, etc.

Harry Yak said...

boy you get around. and i don't mean that in the sexual way. you seem to be well traveled. that is cool. i'm not real big on the meds either. even asprin or advil. if you see me taking something you can be sure that i am expeirencing some major hurt.

keep the art alive lady!

kimberlina said...

bobi - yea.. i think it's some deep seated mental block against chemistry. also, all the years of art classes makes one a little less apt in such areas. though apparently, i rock the a&p.

erika - wow, thanks so much for reminding me about the mmc! i heart rabid blue hippos. i do not heart drunken paris photos. also, i can totally do 2 pull-ups now. totally.