teaser trailer

well, here are a few more. so much for going to bed before 11. argh! computer... sucking... me... .. in...

hot girl & dirty girl
i was trying to go for "zombie." i think i ended up "really dirty girl." kina, of course, is flaunting her halloween skills.
btw - that bracelet never leaves my arm. mostly because it's too small to take off!
my dad bought it from china and asked me if i wanted it. i replied that it was too small, but luckily (?) his friend jane knew just what to do. a little soap, a little water, a fast and quick shove and a huge hand bruise later, viola! instant permanent bracelet. irritating when writing or taking notes or typing. but good for bondag... i mean. fashion. good for fashion.

marilyn zombie!
here's rachel, a marilyn monroe zombie. work those fishnets!! big zombie theme, this year, not so big on the zombie makeup. rachel bought a big thing of zombie makeup, but after reading the back, not much was actually used. do not use black, green or blue near the eyes. do not use red, yellow or orange near the lips. uck - hello scary chemical paste.

bowler, that's right.
virginia! guess who, guess who!

oh, the horror
more pictures of kina... oh, the pictures don't stop there! more to come!

really, i'm a natural blonde
later in the evening i added blood dribbling down my chin. here it just looks like dried bbq sauce. alas. but really, i was born a blonde.


kimberlina said...

hm. my eyes look super chinky in that photo.

i have weirdness about my asian heritage. i don't think i look asian. seriously. i'm so surprised when i see a photo of myself that makes me look uber-asian. or just... asian.

i'm weird like that. *sigh*

B.O.B.I. said...

Heh... I like the wig photo! You're really cute in an undead kind of way!

And you visit like 50 bajillion times a day?! Wow! I think that might be more often than Spinning Girl at the height of our craziness! I'm flattered! Now put down that highlighter! I'll do anything to keep a fan alive!

And no problem on the props... I tells it like I sees it!

::points finger and winks::

You stay stupendous!

fb said...

I get thrown off how round my head is when I get in shaved close all over, I have a squarish face so expect my head to be cube shaped!

Supermans Foot said...

That looks fun! I think im gonna photo blog my weekend, just for kicks!.

Wigs are funny always

Rowan said...

looks like fun! more than I had at any rate...what was your really pretty friend for halloween? I don't get it?!?

Harry Yak said...

"i think i ended up "really dirty girl." "

"but good for bondag..."

"just looks like dried bbq sauce"

when you're good, you're good, but when you're bad you're better!

i love the pictures! it lloks like you had a ton of fun!