msn - rebirth of a monster

halloween slide 3
slide - me


so....... tonight i have totally signed up for msn. it reminds me of the bygone high school and college days of im and icq and aol messenger.

full-blown procrastination and late nights, text making it's beautiful crawly way across the screen.

i am re-creating a monster.


Anonymous said...

welcome in the 21st century!

Madge said...

Welcome indeed.

Also - a while back you had asked if I had been to the gigantic new wine & beer store on Dale Mabry. I was there last night.


Did you know that you can buy a six pack of Widmer Hef (fave beer brewed in Portland; very hard to find in Florida) for only $5.49?! It doesn't even come that cheap in Portland. Wow. I was in heaven. Thanks for reminding me to go.

Madge said...

P.S. Love your slide. All of these slides originally came from one person, right? Were the last two in the "trip to New York" box?

kimberlina said...

anon - yay for msn! yay for technology! (mostly)

madge - non of the slides were labelled, but i wouldn't be surprised if it were new york. many were from europe as well - amsterdam, from the looks of it.

Sleep Goblin said...

I just now got my thoughts straight. Your post reminded me of something, and it was gnawing on me like a brain sucking.. thing. Anyway, now I've got it. It's the Universal Re-monster, from Aqua Teen season 2.

kimberlina said...

sleep - sometimes i really wish i had cable. *sigh*

Sleep Goblin said...

Kimberlina: me too. that's why i have dvd's of this stuff.