::happy birthday saad::

slide - anthony


happy birthday, saad, old man! we celebrated at ceviche where the food is insanely ridica-good and the expensive champagne sangria flows into ours mouths... not quite as fast as the money leaves our pockets.

me & saad

me & the birthday boy - hellooooo drunky drunks!


soho - stands for south howard. aren't they clever?

mmm... tapas... let's see if i can remember what we ordered that night... scallops? vegetable paella. vegetables a la parilla (potato basket!). bizcochos de bacalao (salt cod cakes). had to use the menu there to jog the memory... holy smokes, this food was good. i need to win the lottery so we can go more often...


perhaps our 4th pitcher o' champagne sangria. you cannot go wrong when you drink fruity champagne through STRAWS.

rachel, star & dave
rachel & star - members of the girlfriend sweatshop.
david - token male in the picture (2nd guitarist of red room cinema).

marcus, rosie & saad
marcus, rosie (token female in picture) and birthday boy, caught waning-blink.

sarah & marsha
sarah (masseuse extraordinaire) & marsha.

me & ant
requisite me & anthony photo. : )

awww... he's so drunky-drunk, too! (this is, of course, before we had to figure out how to split the bill 10 ways, which sobered him up quite a bit.)

these are from sarah's pictures:

HAHAHAHAHA! this one cracks me up.

uh... what the hell am i holding? ...i totally don't remember this. ...did i steal saad's gift?!
and it was so chill out!


B.O.B.I. said...

Ooo! Looks like you had some recent fun, too! Happy Birthday to him! Ya for drunkenness! Yay for straw-drunk champagne! Yay for me! Wait...

No, that works. Yay for me!!!

FRITZ said...

There is a restuarant here in Atlanta you would LOVE called Loca Luna.So,so fun and trendy and the BEST chocolate martinis I've met.

I will never EVER try to dissuade you from your disbelief in God. Spirituality or none, that's up to you ALONE. Please know that I am so far from a fundy wundy Christian I can't even spell it right.
However! I am one of those wannabe philosophers who seek the Truth, just like you are a scientist who seeks the Truth. Our methodology may be different, but we are persuing the same thing. So. Please know for the record that I:
Respect you
Admire your logic
Think of you as an extremely intellectual person
Know you are rightfully entitled to your disbelief in God(s).

fair enough?
Me thinkee you too cutee!

kimberlina said...

aww, fritzie, i never thought you were a fundamentalist! ever! *laugh* :)

nor did i think you were trying to convert me into belief, i was just commenting that beliefs inherently make it difficult to approach the same topic since all parties would be approaching from different places.

also, should i come up to atlanta in the future, i fully expect you to show me loca luna's so i can have a chocolate martini! yum!

Madge said...

You have too much fun...in my backyard! I think I drive by Ceviche every single day, but haven't been. Shoot!

Fun pictures...

Bobby said...

looks like a good time, my invite must have gotten lost.....

Supermans Foot said...

that looks like a really funb night with cool people

Harry Yak said...

is it wrong of me to say that anthony looks totaly hot? if you put a stocking hat on him he would kind of remind me of somebody. good times with good friends is good indeed.

also i put up a new post and i'm concerned about your naked feet. do i need to send you some yakhair socks?

Virginia said...

After seeing your shifty face in the last photo, I think I better start looking around my room and making a mental inventory - best go count the silver, too! Haaahaaa.

Say hello to Rachel for me - and keep posting those slides - would be so cool if you made a book of them off qoop! (I wanted to make a book of my NZ pictures for my grandparents, but think it might take too much to upload the pictures since they're 35mm. Blah. Am v lazy.)

I miss you already!

Sleep Goblin said...

You are awesome! And I love that slide, with it's tidal wave. And speaking of the sweatshop, have you guys made anything cool lately?

Madge said...

Where's Kimberlina?!