so, fritz totally tagged me and i have been a total slacker and totally didn't do it yet.

till now.

i'm not good at wish lists. i have a really hard time asking for fun and not just functional stuff. so here goes! you've got less than a day to shop - get to it! ; )

christmas wish list:

1 - a leica m7 rangefinder
2 - a hasselblad medium format camera with digital back
3 - pottery kiln
4 - pottery wheel
5 - darkroom w/ enlarger
6 - warehouse to house all art supplies
7 - printing press
8 - 4 bedroom bungalow in seminole heights w/ large bathtub
9 - or, instead, my rented townhouse now, repainted w/ new carpets
10 - my parents, back from hong kong

my parents were supposed to come into fort myers at 10 pm on the 24th, but at the airport my dad got really tired and dizzy and instead of flying home, went to a hospital in hong kong. again. they ended up leaving and are resting at reeko's house. the new schedule is that they're flying back on the 29th.



kimberlina said...

oh yea, and merry christmas!

Supermans Foot said...

merry christmas to you too. Hope your dads ok and you get to see him soon