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last last weekend, i went to virginia's house with meaghan out in orlando! more crafty time wherein we learned virginia how to knit. ok, meaghan taught virginia and i watched when harry met sally, which i had never seen before.

virginia is seriously an awesome hostess. she cooked for us all weekend! scrambled dill & cheese eggs! tomato alfredo pasta! i love when people cook for me. love love love.
we also went out to celebrate her co-worker's birthday.

@ wall street

then we partied at her office and took photos in the bathroom:



we had gone out to wall street. kinda like an alley with lots of bars - you pay a cover to go to all of them, though we spent most of our time out in the street area. it was surprisingly casual. ybor here in tampa is incredibly skanky. it will be 40 degrees out and women will wear almost nothing, obviously suffering from hypothermia and they think they're insanely hott and hip and "sexy." um, that's a negatory. but in orlando, chicks were dressed for the cold! long sleeves! jeans! *gasp* normalcy. thank goodness.

but there was still lots of this:


can't see the funny? look again!


hahahahaha! people are so lame.


and then last weekend, jen had her first annual HHWS&GEPL (holiday house warming social & gift exchange pot luck). mulled wine & peppermint hot chocolate!

this is how she made her hot chocolate pepperminty. really, really pepperminty.

90 proof?!

it actually ate away at our candy cane garnishes.

star was the ONLY one to finish her schnapps chocolate.

star - hardcore schnapps drinker

jen was rather liberal in the pouring. 90 proof schnapps?! who knew!

this is lincoln. jen & brian also have a rabbit (ms. higgins), but she's black and since i didn't want to scare her w/ the flash, all i got was a black blob.

here's bri-bri, munching on his half-schnapps-eaten candy cane.

and here's anthony, he's saying, "there is no way i can drink that hot chocolate."

it occurs to me that there is a severe lack of decorations pictures... i'll have to try and remedy this... suffice it to say that jen & brian's new house is absolutely adorable and i am insanely jealous. quite.


{STAR} said...

I look like I am on crack and what are those people doing in that photo? Happy Holidays Miss Kim!

kimberlina said...

star, you were on crack. schnapps crack. ;) also, those two people in the photo are "dancing doggie style." very disturbing. maybe i should up the brightness... it looks good on my screen at home, but at work i can hardly make it out. darn screen!

Harry Yak said...

ok ok ok. not to get all stalker on oyu but whenever i read these posts and look at all the picture of you and your friends it makes me want to be 25 again in florida hanging with your posse.

you guys seem to have such wonderful times. nothing beats good friends.....well there are other things i guess when you get to certin stages in life....shit i'm getting old. i guess getting old beats the alternative.

yak out, yo!

Madge said...

Happy Schnappy Holidays! Love the photo fest - I'm extremely jealous that I missed the 40 degree mark back in FL; hopefully the cold fronts will keep on a comin'.