fire! fire! hehehehehehehe. fire! fire!

ah, and the nights become still again, though the smell of fire and gasoline linger on.

some weekend thoughts:

  • still need to post about rotary cutters for bethie
  • ant and i were off all wonderful weekend +2 days, we barely left the house at all
  • became seriously addicted to smallville, finished season 1, started season 2. i don't think we'd do well with cable - we are very instant gratification and would be so irritated at having to wait a week to see the next episode. let's just say we watched 10 hours in one day.
  • discovered huge whitefly infestation in my garden. argh! i feel my skills as a gardener abating and it makes me sad. i really want to keep my garden as organic as possible and neem oil will supposedly do the trick. the crummy thing is that it smells *horrible* and apparently shouldn't touch the skin. oops! if this doesn't work, i may switch to the more skin- and smell-friendly castille soap and as a last last resort, i will actually buy bugs. online.
  • 4th of july get together at star & david's new house. so big and lovely! 2 deliciously strong cosmos, made by star herself. expensive fireworks being set off by her neighbors. on our side: firecrackers being thrown onto lit gasoline on the sidewalk - huge flaming excitement! though not when too close to star's new car.
  • tree climbing w/ jen & dave. anthony caught me on the way down. jen found tree bits in her underpants for the next 2 hours.

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Madge said...

I too am reading w/o commenting! AAAAAAHHH. It must be the heat.

I would love to firecrackers being thrown onto lit gasoline...were there boys involved? This has boys will be boys written all over it.

I am jealous of your four-day weekend. Even though I'm not working...someone else I know is! Blah!