i are...

i are drunkey. i had good times tonit4e. my hands feel numb and it's taking a lot of concontration to ty[e right now.

madge sent me a gift which i totally love love love. it's going in my craft room tomorrow after i do my homework. if anyone owants to help em with my homewokr, let me know, i'm totally here for ou.

jen and i were dancing queens -we rocked the dance floor.


yea. i'm sleeping now, thank.s


Monkey said...

This is quite an adorable post. It's like code.

I love the photos of the Tea Rose cottage below. What an adorable place! It looks so civilized.

Madge said...

Oh, how and when to stop laughing!

That is this Sunday's big deep thought.

(I'm glad you liked your prezzie!)

fb said...

And the morning after?

What was the gift?