good LORD...

... it's been a while since i've posted!

life has conspired to take me prisoner and ferret me away.

the bad:
  • spent $850 on my car
the good:
  • it seems to be running awesomely. like, i can drive and do 60 mph and i don't even realize it and it doesn't shudder-stall!
  • uhhh... i can't even begin to count all the awesome birthday gifts i got.
  • so far, i love love my job. i'm designing html email templates, web pages and am generally left to figure things out on my own.
  • PLUS, i'm around tons of fabulous books!
  • sushi tonight w/ rosie - i'm assuming at ichiban. i'm craving sushi in a hardcore way.

last night at 9.30, anthony calls me and asks if i want to take band photos. right then. so i say yes! and hop in the car. we finish at 1:30 and i crash into bed at 2 am. some of them came out really well - i'm soso happy with them! more posts to follow in short order.

saturday was my birthday party, in which much beer and irish car bombs flowed down many throats. it was good times. AND chocolate cake!

my mind is pretty much constantly vomiting up information at this point, so i'm going to stop here. the gist of it all is: life is pretty fucking great right now, i just need more sleep!


Madge said...

I love when cars come back to life.
Isn't it great?!

Job sounds awesome!

fb said...

Happy Happy birthday!

Is that a new job?

Sushi mmmm think I might have to do the same real soon...

Ookami Snow said...

Happy Birthday, and it sounds like things are going good. It is useful to have a car than go go 60, you might be able to actually get somewhere in it. ^_^