combined, my driving commute to work is almost 2 hours. the sun is either rising or setting as i drive though the cattle runs of the highway.

and i realize i am developing a trucker tan on my left arm.



- wear a shawl
- wear sunscreen (??)
- wear my bikini

though, really, only the first two solve my unbalanced tan problem.


dei said...

Or you could just go tan at the pool and get it all evened out!

Betsy said...

or you could just spend more time with truckers--they'll be impressed by your tan lines. Be sure to say "roger that" and "got your ears on" a lot so they'll accept you.

hee hee.

fb said...

Embrace your inner trucker?! And get CB radios and give yourself and Ant new trucker names.

Christopher said...

Two hours?
I can barely handle forty minutes!

Rrramone said...

And the third may get you arrested. :-)

So did you move??