addled. utterly.

+ came in at 8:30 to work today when i didn't have to be in until 10
+ walked fully halfway into a bathroom before i realized it was already in use by a guy
+ exhausted. mentally. physically.
+ passed my apt complex on the way home
+ confused the months, believing it was still march
+ thought that black shoes would be ok with an ivory dress
+ spent $51 on a haircut


Madge said...

The first plus is the most heart-wrenching. An hour and a half early and you needed the sleep!

fb said...

Woah...parallel universe? Blip in the time travel!?

dei said...

Poor Kim. ;p

Christopher said...

Aw, that sucks.

Bet you've got nice hair though.

The Canadian J said...

$51!!! Wow I will do it for free! Go the GI Jane Way and in 3 months you can buy yourself a plane ticket to go to ... humm... Orlando Land! How great!