i feel as though i’ve been a whirly-gig these last few weeks. the wedding month is over and i have a lovely 4 day weekend coming up in which to relax, possibly pool/ocean side, and work on photographs from the weddings attended.

really, though. i have nothing new to note. nothing crazy-exciting going on. maybe it's the mind-fog talking.

some things going through my mind as of late:

+ sleep eludes me, my eyes are forever gritty.

+ vietnamese powdered coffee makes my breath smell, which i have not realized until late in the day.

+ humans are such paper-thin delicate bags of skin and water. i passed an accident yesterday where i saw a mangled motorbike being loaded onto a tow truck and a solitary white sneaker in the gutter.

+ “mawwage”

+ really thick arches watercolor paper. charcoal. conte.

+ i take perverse pleasure in getting dirty. i kind of like tromping on the backs of my long pants when i walk. running through large ankle deep puddles of rainwater in the parking lot. not using gloves when gardening. dragging my pant legs through the sand and water at the beach. as long as there’s a shower in the near future, not much phases me.

+ this morning was really quite beautiful. i hate having to resist my urges to go sit by the water near the river for a couple of hours. or days. ... wouldn’t a travel hammock (with a stand, in case trees weren’t around) be amazing?


Rrramone said...

I never thought of myself as a bag of skin and water, but now that you mention it... ;-)

Madge said...

you like dirty.
i like kim.

Sleep Goblin said...

I will send you the other pictures I have of that library. It's totally awesome!