+ manic.
i've been feeling so manic as of late. if i can get to bed by 10:30, i'll be happy. my bright jangly plastic nerves will thank me for it. and my raw-numb synapses.

+ owen.
this weekend i had the distinct pleasure of meeting owen gulledge, meaghan and craig's 2 week old son (as of monday!). he's sooooo adorable! *gushgushgush* i kept wanting to ask, "so... when do you have to return him?" it's so unreal that one of my friends has a child. and will continue to have a child. will always have this child. we'll have a girlfriend sweatshop weekend in july where we will witness the wonders of the "pump & dump." and a girlfriend sweatshop weekend in 5 years where we will witness classroom macaroni fridge art and sippy cups (is 5 too old for sippy cups?!). i am in awe of meaghan's body. she's a domestic goddess super woman who had a 6 hr natural childbirth.

+ suck it off.
oh, i can't quite remember this story exactly! ...but suffice it to say that meaghan confused this phrase with "finish it off" when talking to her dad (i believe in reference to a drink with a straw). i am probably going to start using this phrase a lot more.
in reference to an unfinished drink: "are you done with that? can i suck it off?"

+ john jacob.
amazingly enough, i was able to see john TWICE in one weekend, where i had not seen him in, quite possibly, 3 years. it was so nice to see him and hear about his travels and life and pictures of the ukraine. and hear that he had been to see the museum of croatian naive art in zagreb. i am intensely jealous as naive art is so stark and beautiful.

+ i have a work cell phone. o.o

+ and am getting a fancy 4 gb thumb drive

+ and have the option of having an external hard drive.

+ in addition to my 24 inch lcd monitor.

+ (techies get first dibs!)


dei said...

I'm totally jealous of your work computer. ;p

Sleep Goblin said...

I don't have that fancy 4 gd drive, but I have dual flat screen, wide screen monitors. Which has me so spoiled that my huge single monitor at home just isn't good enough...

When are you going to be in Chicago, or were you here already?

fb said...

Trips are good...book one!

fb said...


please see blog for details.

Tits McGee said...

When you combine the phrase "suck it off" with "fancy 4 gb thumb drive" in a single post, it is like foreplay for me.

Rrramone said...

seriously? suck it off? ooh.

Meaghan said...

Owen loves Kim! Incidentally, he has just finished nursing on the left side... aka he has "sucked that side off".