freak. out.

so. i'm a little stressed about this upcoming craft show and am glad that 1) classes are over for this week and 2)... that it's not 12 am.

this morning i woke up late and am still exhausted. after this, i'm having some sangria whilst i shower and then will drift into slumber with my beautiful yammie.

i had to take some time to upload this photo of her, mostly because she's just so beautiful and cute, the sweetest cat ever. i think someone might have scared her when she was younger w/ a broom, since she doesn't really understand how to "play."

anything, whether broom or toy, that's above her head, causes her to run for cover. the other morning she woke me up by licking my entire palm. (i almost added "with her tongue," but really, what else can she lick me with?)

beautiful yammie

and here are some aquarium photos from georgia.


blue lips


deep slumber


Sleep Goblin said...


Winston is learning to snuggle :) Hooray!!

I hope your craft show goes well. And that you'll eventually have stuff I can buy again ;)

Michelle Freeman said...

Strider also has great need to give me baths... I really never thought of myself as that dirty a person (except for that one go-without-a-shower-for-many-days contest in college) but by cat standards, I am filthy, and must be cleaned at an hour convenient to him (like 4:30 this morning).

*sigh* alas, I will take his affection any way I can get it... and also try to remember to keep my limbs under cover tonight!

Madge said...

Wam bam thank you Yam, you made my night. ;)

Madge said...

Ok, I'm also swooning over the aquarium pictures.

Anonymous said...

We really are blessed to have our wonderful kitties in our lives. I wish Molly would learn cuddling from Yam. And Molly can teach her playing in exchange. :) ~ you know who.

Meaghan said...

A note on drinking whilst showering- plastic refillable juice boxes prevent wine from being watered down. Also, is safe alternative. Brought to you by: mothers of america