web 2.0 is killing me!!!


web 2.0.

i love it.

but it does not love me.

i am overwhelmed by choices.

do i keep track of my books read on facebook?

on librarything?

on goodreads?

amazon wishlists?


*gaspgasp* i just spent part of my time on goodreads adding books, but i realize... enough! (sorry sleep goblin!) i can't do it. i must stick w/ library thing. i must stick with one option or i will go insane.

no more keeping books on facebook. i remove that application! I REMOVE THAT APPLICATION!

and i will update my library thing w/ my amazon wishlists. and i will clean out my wishlists.


Sleep Goblin said...

Maybe I can join LibraryThing, don't stress!! I just got an invitation today and sent it to everyone I know that reads books. It's okay!

Madge said...

Oh my gosh. I suffer from this same disease. I just joined Vox thinking I should blog there, instead. But I can't keep up with that.