the game of life

yesterday, i found out a good friend of mine is pregnant!! i am ridiculously excited for her and her little foetal cashew secret. i say secret, because... well, it's still not "public knowledge." but i can't wait to visit her and lay my hands all over her uterus (YEAA!).

how exciting, right??

and of course, it keeps me thinking about life. hmmmmmmm.

1 life tile: own a car
1 life tile: BA
1 (anticipated) life tile: MA

life tiles yet un-obtained:


Sleep Goblin said...

Life tiles makes me think of that old game show that was set up kind of like a crossword puzzle, and the contestants had large white and black tiles with letters which they would drop in these slits. And if it was part of the word, the letter would kind of light up. I loved the sound of those letters dropping into those slits. *sigh* I'm weird.

Madge said...

So. Curious!

Anonymous said...

Lay your hands on her uterus? What are you? A unicorn???

Oh, and I totally think that Yam deserves her own life tile.

Anonymous said...

Really - lay your hands on my uterus? That should be interesting...

Althought I really don't see how that makes you like a unicorn...hmmm...

There is much time to obtain life tiles, and not all life tiles are for everyone :) Just keep to your own path.