better late than never


i put up some halloweenie decorations over my bed! rather festive, i like it.

things that irk me:

the person who is letting their dog pee in the enclosed foyer area of my apt. seriously...? wtf.

i left a note on the ground that says, "what *@$ moron is letting their dog pee in the @%# hallway?!?! #%^$!"

more explicit frustrations elaborated upon in the actual note. c'mon people - what's your damage? argh!

things that make me trill with happiness:

+ delicious sushi dinner @ toki w/ ant
+ the 2nd katamari game
+ cleaning my room
+ organizing the files on my computer
+ eating dried squid
+ finding out that my last job was raided by the FBI
+ reading
+ visiting my godchild and a yarn store and meaghan and craig and their gravel pile this weekend
+ completing 2 hardcore days of training on our library's database


Kat said...

dried squid?? umm I'll try most things but that sounds yucky!

The bed looks awesome!

emilicious said...

I was wondering where you put the bats! Now I know. I haven't seen Yam much today, at least not as much as I saw of her yesterday. ;)

I put the trashcan out (cat boxes, check) and noticed what I thought was MORE PEE in the entry way, by the note. Some people are so disrespectful. Ugh.

Monkey said...

That's one beautiful bed cowgirl - wtg!

Rrramone said...

I would think your bed is scary enough! ;-)

fb said...

Dried squid with optional beer!

What went on at your last place of work for the FBI to turn up?!