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just a little hello.

i thought about doing the nablopomo thing, but i just knew i couldn't keep up. *le sigh*

tomorrow i get to finish another 5 page paper and then a 15 page one after that.

2 more semesters. i carry on.

i also saw the darjeeling limited tonight! so lovely. and a few previews for some other intriguing movies, notably the diving bell and the butterfly. the trailer featured explosions in the sky! i got teary just watching it.


Lady M said...

I'll type your papers for you. For a fee. Did I ever tell you I got a 3rd cat? Crazy cat lady...

emilicious said...

She is so beautiful - I love that little cat.

If I tag along with you to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, I will bring my own box of tissues. But I will share them if needed.