golf? no sir, prefer prison flog!

triple date mini-golf action.

ryan won, of course, being the only actual "golfer" of the bunch. ant & i tied for second place. i was able to garner a ton (read: two) of holes in one, but also had a bunch of 5-6 stroke plays.

jen was kind enough to share her fries with us!

and i got to see womb photos of little pickles. seriously, can we say "excited"?


Sleep Goblin said...

DS wanted me to tease you guys for wearing cardigans in 75 degree weather. The high here was 70, and we were running around in t-shirts and talking about how gorgeous the weather is. You'd better pack plenty of warm clothes!!

emilicious said...

How can you equate mini-golf with standard golf? I'm sure Ryan's never come up on a windmill hole on the greens before. ;)

I love the pictures. And am glad I wasn't there. Anthony is scary with his golf club.

And I agree with sleep goblin - I'm still amazed when I see people wearing sweaters in this weather. In all my time here now, I've barely been able to put anything on that has more to sleeves than spaghetti straps.