did you feel that? this morning?

when the weather dipped in the 60s and the humidity was non-existent?

incredible. it almost smelled like fall.

i ate my lunch (tasty anthony-prepared vermicelli with parmesan, basil and a little hot pepper) at the picnic benches, knitted a little and read 'canon: a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science' by angier. i think i'm in love. she apparently also wrote 'woman: an intimate geography,' which i am just swooning to read next.

life is just ambling along. and by "ambling" i mean "rushing by at a fast and productive pace without a plethora of stomach acid production."

jen and i represented girlfriend sweatshop at the stitch rock show in delray beach, florida. we were exhausted! it was fun, but with only a few hours of sleep for the both of us (less for jen), a heavy breakfast from dunkin donuts, 10-minute hot, breathless, humid, drizzling and sweaty naps in the car during the show and a total of 8 hours driving (poor jen), we weren't in a very good selling mood. still, we enjoyed ourselves and had a great time seeing yen and generally cooing about our trip to italy in december. after the show, the two of us sat at an outdoor table in downtown delray and ate delicious italian pasta cooked perfectly al dente, savored wonderfully sweet tiramisu dusted with bitter cocoa powder and drank house wine and hot coffee. the dinner definitely reinvigorated us for the drive home.

and the next day i wrote a 5 page paper. oof.

more papers are coming up in far too short an order, but i have only 2 semesters left of grad school! i must prevail.

last night's craft meet-up was so much fun. lots of food and wine and a tutorial by jen on making a folio journal! we're trying to do a tutorial at least once a month, something simple, but that will possibly be good for holiday gifts in the near future. man. we r smrt.

a show at kaleisia in mid-november and a possible knit-in one winter evening, replete with hot tea.

a viewing of elizabeth tonight with mulled wine, cookies and/or cupcakes and elizabeth: the golden age on saturday! speaking of needing an estrogen fix... :D

even more heroes and smallville and dexter.

ooOOOo - and seafood dinner on saturday evening with anthony! hello little crab, little hard shelled love of my life, you are so scrumptious!


emilicious said...

Mmm, look, my first non-anonymous comment.

It's absolutely gorgeous today. I went out earlier and actually said (out loud, to no one),"Wow, it's beautiful today." I want to see Dexter. If that's something that's actually owned I need to ask Anthony to let me borrow it sometime. Enough with talking to myself.

Book making was very fun. :)

miss lila said...

this morning was wonderful - i couldn't resist opening windows and doors, even if i did have to close them again by 11. the cooler weather makes me so happy.

sounds like you had fun at Stitch Rock! MLM will be at the Museum of Fine Arts show in november but otherwise life's just been too crazy lately for craft shows. next year!

Sleep Goblin said...

It's been getting down in the 40's here! One day, it was like 85 and I thought I would die from 85 degrees in October. Next day, 60 with a low in the 40's. Wisconsin is pure insanity.

It sounds like things are going wonderful down there! I miss you (both talking to you, and seeing you, even though it was only once; i'm not a creepy stalker, i swear).

Madge said...

Hoorah! You were in my neck of the woods...Delray is in my county (name of restaurant?)! I'm sorry I missed you. :( But if the weather in Tampa is, er, 60 degrees I think I might be visiting soon. The closest I can get to 60 here is, er, 87.

positrons said...

working at night is so much fun when the weather is like how it's been lately! it also makes it a lot harder to fall asleep at a decent hour because it's been so nice out 4-6am. i wish usf had late night/early morning classes, i'd never miss one, ever.