2nd attempt

so i shall try again, this posting of mine.

per madge, i had wanted to try the nablopomo for march - lists! i heartily and verily love lists, but knew i could not post every single day. note: it is already march 3rd and i am only just beginning.

i shall perservere.

  1. anthony moved this weekend
  2. i will be moving in in a few weeks
  3. excited!
  4. my dad is doing much better; i was able to visit 2 weeks ago and had a really great time
  5. finished listening to 'to kill a mockingbird' this morning; i am so in love w/ the nickname 'scout'

to do:

  1. ren festival at MOSI
  2. strawberry festival in plant city
  3. paint bookshelves
  4. plan shuffleboard birthday party
  5. buy a bottle of veuve and finally experience the apparently delicious fuss madge makes about it

1 comment:

Smirking Cat said...

Where are you moving to?? Oh, email me that info, I guess, like you want that posted online, right? I wish I was moving! I hate my neighbors! (What's new about that?)