things to do before i die

things to do before i die

  1. learn chinese
  2. rebuild portfolio
  3. get my etsy/craft business up and running
  4. grow vegetables
  5. see the pyramids at sunset
  6. ride a camel
  7. ride an elephant
  8. experience the alaskan glaciers, preferably from my cruise ship balcony room while drinking coffee/tea/mimosa/asti
  9. get some of my photos printed BIG
  10. see cherry blossoms in japan
  11. visit korea with my mother
  12. drink veuve
  13. visit machu picchu
  14. finish this damned master's degree
  15. get a tattoo
  16. experience a concert in the sydney opera house
  17. snorkel in the great barrier reef
  18. visit the great wall of china

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Rrramone said...

If you need help designing your tattoo, let me know. :-)