course choices for the (LAST) summer of my graduate career

*collection development & maintenance
cultural heritage institutions
history of libraries
adult services in libraries
materials for children
books/rel materials young adults
business/legal info sources
organization of knowledge I

*i am taking 2 courses, this one is required

any suggestions? what should i take next/last?


Sleep Goblin said...

children sounds fun!

Meaghan said...

the kid one, of course! Actually, not just because I am obsessed, but I took a children's lit class in college and it was really... relaxing. Children's stuff is not something we are exposed to, unless by necessity. (ahem). Plus, sleep goblin is right- it does sound fun.

Michelle said...

While I agree with Sleep Goblin and Meaghan about the children's class, I wonder if YOU might be more interested in the books/rel materials for young adults... Then again, the children's one would probably be really fun and relaxing AND you could share your syllabus and reading list with your friend Michelle :)

Enjoy choosing!

Anonymous said...

I dunno....My thought is the cultural institutions one seems like it would be interesting and super important, since it seems like as a society, we are having to struggle to hold onto our culture/history/identity (collective attention span is short i.e. we are making the SAME mistakes we made 100 to 50 years ago i.e. oh my god, the immigrants are going to take our jobs and rape our women) and especially the individual cultures that make it up i.e. the Holocaust museum in Richmond has a fantastic library!
Why do we forget that our diversity is our strength?
-Scott O.

Bee said...

Congrats on nearing the end!

I tried to make felt jellyfish but they didn't turn out nearly as cute as yours!

Madge said...

what did you decide?
i hearted adult services in libraries most of all...