the storms of (a very early) summer

what is UP with these insane florida storms? it's only april and it already feels like the heart of summer.

last tuesday, i was positively waterlogged on the way in to class. and sunday it poured all day.

today is lovely and foggy, perfect for coffee at home, movies and creating and drawing and soft charcoal. and spending time with lazy cats. not so perfect for going to work and drinking crappy coffee with oil-based creamer that thickly coats the tongue.

right now i have just this insane amount of photographs to get in order and post online. it's really pathetic how bad i am at this whole internet/technology thing, sometimes. i get so overwhelmed.

part of the reason is that we don't have internet yet at the new apartment and only anthony's computer can freeload off a neighbor's loose and slutty connection.

and, to crow about my birthday gift, anthony got me a calibration tool for my monitor! very exciting to have calibrated colors on my monitor for my photographs.

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