well, my photo goals for march were simply not met. i’d say i’m about 90% done. the move threw me off. i shall clean and start again.

april, may, june goals

- clean & organize sweatshop
- buy stuff to store plethora of negatives
- finish organizing photos
- rework portfolio
- get etsy site started with:
o leftover stock from holidays
o photographs
o items to sell later in the year
 moon day
 mulling spices (food selling issues?)

this weekend is a gainesville weekend!! anthony will be joining me for a weekend of good food and relaxing times. i plan on coddling owen and catching up with meaghan, possibly appalling craig with my painting skills.

biggest news: i turned in my paperwork for graduation in august! w00t!

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Madge said...


in august!

4 more months, dahling.