a craft room with a view


mmmmmm, why yes, this weekend was lovely, thanks for asking! i'm going to attempt to start posting photos now that i have 1) internet access, 2) my computer, crammed amongst my desk and 3) a pantone hueypro monitor calibration birthday tool from anthony.

photos to come:
of new mexico
of ramon & alexis
of a japanese spa
of washington, d.c.
of michelle's pregnant belly
of nawaal
of gainesville, again


this looks to be owen's homer simpson impression. "braaaap!"

you lookin' at me?

"whatchoo lookin' at? eh? *muttermutter*"


after gasping in amazement at the sheer size of this dinner roll foot, please to note the delicious glass of "mommy's time out" on the table.

as you can see, we spent some time outside, relaxing, knitting, gardening, drinking. anthony studied furiously for a bit on some riveting physics 2. we walked to starbucks and ate cheesy grits and watched 'volver'. we celebrated the return of meaghan's ability to discern plotlines and remarked on how heavy owen has gotten and were dismayed that urban threads was closed on sundays. we went to wade's market and bought 6 basil plants and some rosemary and exclaimed over the cuteness of corsican mint.



Madge said...

all of these pictures are terrific. i want to live in that backyard!

positrons said...

my friend hannah works at urban thread, it's such a neat place!