inside out and right side up

the week has been overlong. it’s only thursday?! what happened?

this morning, anthony informed me that the milk i bought went bad on the 22nd. i bought it on the 22nd. i’m real good in grocery stores, folks. real good. (and of course it was expensive t.g. lee brand, since i’m trying to buy my dairy “local”. meh.)

thankfully, on the propitious side, i did not
1) drool on myself while brushing my teeth, causing a changing of the clothes (monday), nor
2) put my underwear on inside out (tuesday)

1 comment:

Meaghan said...

Please define "has gone bad": too smelly to drink straight? too smelly to put in coffee? too smelly to cook with? bake with?

I have learned the new joy of whole milk. It takes longer to go bad.

Yay for local milk!