still digesting cake goodness

weekends pass altogether too quickly, though much was accomplished.

saturday we went to the green thumb festival in st. pete and bought more succulents and 2 pepper plants. i was also learned in ‘sun blight’. if a pepper plant is getting too much sun, the leaves will suddenly all die, wither and drop off. newer leaves will thankfully be a hairsbreadth hardier. i thought this was normal, on account of the plant giving all its nutrients and leaf life-force to the growing peppers. i am a plant idiot. leaf life-force?! don’t worry, i didn’t use this term on the nice man in the stall. i might as well have talked of plant midi-chlorians wielding their cellular powers to forge delicious peppers.

mmm, peppers…

saturday night, rachel celebrated her birthday with a divinely dense wright’s gourmet cake and platters full of food. embarrassment came later in the form of 4 empty honey moon beer bottles, pomme lambic, ‘american idol’ karaoke game on the wii, a microphone, and a mini-dvd recorder.

and on the way to bed, i brutally took down the wasp nest outside our front door with a broom handle, a girly bellow and a quick door slam. sorry little insects, you creep me out. *shiver*

last friday, though, the library was all abuzz with the news of the high school girl who was raped and beaten outside of the bloomingdale branch library. it was 10:30 at night (or thereabouts) and she left her car to drop off books in the bookdrop. why she got out of her car, no one knows – there’s a drive-by bookdrop there for convenience and ideally, safety. she was on her phone and mentioned to her friend that there was a weird guy on a bench. next thing the friend hears is screaming and then nothing. currently, the girl is in stable, but critical condition.

faith in humanity: -50 points

seriously, wtf. like i need more reasons to be freaked out when going out someplace by myself at night. like the grocery store. or the post office. sometimes i really hate the world in which i feel, as a female, unsafe. it’s just all so fucked up.

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Madge said...

succulents + WRIGHT'S GOURMET! paradise!

i am so sorry to learn about that victim. jeez. it makes me so sad.