mulled wine?

mulled wine? , originally uploaded by gimchi.

yes, please!

(that's my titslist cup! thanks, honey!)

it totally blows since i can't easily browse her website at work, at little NSFW, if you know what i mean. *sigh* and then i get home, do homework, clean, cook and then it's light's out! lame. soon i shall replace "clean" with "craft" - clean is high on the agenda since we just moved. the kitchen is getting there, but my sweatshop is still a hellhole. at least i have one wall painted.

like that ikea wall-hanging? i love it. thankfully the cats have left it alone these past 2 days. it took way too long and a minor kim freak-out to hang this baby. ok, i lie. it took a major kim freak-out. i'm almost proud of it; it was like this definitive moment. i oft bottle up my feelings of frustration and anger, but in this case, it was like i couldn't even control myself. i was shrieking at the top of my lungs, ear-popping levels and i had collapse on the couch before i could regain control. honestly, it was probably pretty scary, but we had a damn good laugh about it later. has this ever happened to you? i had no control over my voice box. seriously. *snap*

anyways, this is me, at 11:30 at night. i'm drinking some delicious mulled wine and hiding my chin pimples. not only tipsy, but classy!! that's me. :) *sly wink*

good LORD my arm looks big, doesn't it? wanna kiss my guns? they're huge. and fully automatic.

speaking of fully automatic, laura and i are planning a jaunt to the local gun range. mondays are ladies night. c'mon, you KNOW you want to come. the closest i've come to a gun is a cap gun. wait, maybe a bb gun. and definitely a water gun.

ok, bedtime. i'm supposed to get up tomorrow at 6. HAHAHAHA. yea, right.


Sleep Goblin said...

Your wall hanging story reminds me very much of me hanging the christmas lights in the windows this year... DS had to literally take them away from me and clean up tiny bits of christmas light glass... not pretty. Funny now though :)

I'm off to Greece tomorrow!! I will try to remember to send a postcard!

Meaghan said...

That wall hanging is AWESOME. Very super-sexy-seventies. Fondue, anyone?

I can relate to your frustration- sounds like a butter-against-the-wall moment.

Naynayfazz said...

I didn't realize Tits had her own mug. Wow, I want one.

I like the wall hanging too. Isn't Ikea the BEST?!?!?

Madge said...

i wish your freak-out was on youtube.

i want to replace "clean" with "never again!" but, jeez. four pets! two humans! we're a dusty people.

Tits McGee said...

I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much.