old man thomas

old man

awww, isn't he such a cutie? i love how his fur is all sorts of cleave-y on his neck (and tail).
  • thomas sleeps on my head most nights, taking up a full 90-98% of the pillow
  • sometimes he misses the litterbox and leaves us "presents"
  • he likes to nip my arms in the mornings with a plaintive gaze that clearly says, "FEED ME NOW, SLAVE"
  • when he yawns, steer clear of his fishy-fishy breath
  • as our two cats eat at their respective food bowls, he corner-eyes yammie to make sure she doesn't come near his blessed dry food nibs
  • clean clothes are his favorite nesting place
  • i love when he donkey kicks
  • and when he stretches whilst laying down, his back legs twitching with the exertion


A Reader said...

He's super adorable!

Smirking Cat said...

Tweetie hogs the pillow too. Like it's his throne or something.

Madge said...

:) what a gent