woolly, slightly-scratchy, hoodie/cardian? worn and causing minor itching
space-heater? turned on and radiating heat
electric kettle? about to boil for some heat-giving, delicious tea

for real. it's ri-goddamn-diculous that i'm so iced-over at my cubicle and the weather outside is so gorgeous. hammock? dappled sunlight? iced tea? soft pillow & quilt? YES PLEASE!

i am:
* exceedingly pleased to have my craft room workshop 85% completed
* exceedingly pleased to have maya's knitted bear 98% completed
* exceedingly excited to be working on an actual business plan for my business
* exceedingly full from lunch
* exceedingly cold

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Sleep Goblin said...

business plan??

I, too, have my craft room 85% completed!!!
(I started neurotically redoing it this weekend)