campers, originally uploaded by gimchi.

here are my new shoes, hopefully soon on their merry way to my naked feet.

*insert swooning here*

i know, you're fascinated. however, anytime i buy shoes, it is a landmark occassion, since i pretty much own and wear approx 3 pair of shoes. pathetic. especially now that my feet have strangely grown after my trip to europe.

also in the news is my recent haircut, in which i also dyed my hair pink.

not all of it, just some tippy tip ends. mi piace molto!


Michelle said...

Shoes are adorable - and so very, very you!!

You must add pictures of the haircut! I can't wait to see the pink!

Thanks for the pic of the belly... I kind of miss it - but LOVE having Maya here :)

Sleep Goblin said...

I love those!!!

Meaghan said...

oh my... so f-ing cute. where is a hair picture? You can't tantalize us like this!