yawning maws

skies are fully grey and cloudy today and our windows were wet with condensation here on the 3rd floor, above the streets. the temperature is turned down low, low, low, as usual, and i’m cozy in my hoodie. i passed a little wet dead bird covered in red ants on the cement on the walk in to work. (silly, happy, blissful birds shouldn’t build their nests so high, in the lights that shine down from the 3rd story. there is no room for error for their younglings.)

i’m attempting to drink less coffee/caffeine. just one big travel mug a day (at least, on weekdays). today i have not had any coffee, but have downed 2 pots of loose leaf oolong tea instead. i am pleasantly humming, pleasantly thrumming, though my eyes are tired. i’m working, getting reports run, getting things done, but i could just as easily crawl under my desk and sleep with my head upon my shoes.

speaking of shoes, my new ones have shipped!

and, speaking of new – some items of note:

per madge, i have tried veuve cliquot, a little halfsie. and it was delicious! i’m still partial to my asti spumanti, but for a “real” champagne, it was lovely and fizzy, heady and tasty. i also cannot see or think of it without “CLIT” flashing through my mind.

shoot, my brain just fritz’d. there was something else….

OH! i suppose i wanted to mention the thai buddhist wat, which has a market with delicious foodstuffs on sundays! i am quite sure we will be going this weekend. thanks to rachel for passing along the information!

OH! yen is pregnant! truly, something in the water. good thing i’m drinking tea. … what? water in the tea you say? tea made with water? i ignore you. however, congratulations to yen!! biological clocks? it’s really true, as they say. they’re ticking and my friends are hearing it, counting down. i’m surrounded by little babies! tiny sacs of flesh and developing organs! que strano.

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Madge said...

i'm glad you liked (cl)it. ;)