total (lunar) eclipse of the heart

(photo by anthony)

remember the lunar eclipse? from like, forever ago?

me neither.

thankfully, we took some photos! (will post more later.)

unfortunately, many of them, and my dc and birthday photos, were lost when a virus attacked my computer, turning it into a barely coherent machine. good thing i know a lot of keyboard shortcuts. my start button toolbar was gone!

'windows key + E' will bring up windows explorer, so i was able to navigate to firefox and my pictures and upload them individually, 4 in a row, restart my computer and begin again.


anyways, it's 11:35 and i biked (whilst reclining) for 3 miles. i was going to go for a jog until i realized i only own 2 pair of shorts. !!

jean shorts.
white shorts. thin ones.

lame. so i'll have to buy shorts that i can actually go running in.

and i really should throw my old shorts away. i've had them since high school. kim = thrifty and un-trendy. i keep my shite for TEN YEARS.


Smirking Cat said...

Ten years is nothin'! I've had my favorite sweatshirt for over...well..a lot of years that I'm sorta embarrassed to admit.

Madge said...

well, the thrift shops have good short selections! they do!