true love

happiness, originally uploaded by gimchi.

yammie likes the camera.

really. honest. no lie. honest abe.

in other news, i am sick and am very unhappy about it. anthony took me out for sushi tonight and i freaked out because the crunchy spicy tuna and the crunchy spicy salmon, my favorite rolls, used a mayo-based spicy sauce instead of the normal spicy sauce.


if you're going to advertise a dish, at least put that it has god damn mayo in it, especially if it's something that does not normally have mayo in it! fuck fuck fuck, i was not happy.

thankfully, the salmon nigiri was delicious. buttery and delicious.

i'm going to bed. it's 9 pm.

thank you, goodnight.


Sleep Goblin said...

Ahhh!!!! Get better!!

Madge said...

Look at that Yammie.
What a dear sweet.

I hate a sushi surprise.