in the pink

in the pink

here's me, with the pink ends! i think it's faded a bit since i had it colored. and some of my towels have small pink areas on them. oops!

weekend goodies:

1 - picked up my newfangled bernina activa 240 sewing machine. anthony says i have a bernina glow. it's definitely a "she", but i haven't picked out a name yet. considered taking a photo of me humping her, but thought she might be too embarrassed.

2 - heading out to breakfast with anthony, i get a call from a branch without internet access. breakfast, ABORT. argh! being on call really sux ballz sometimes.

3 - feeling better, but sounding terrible with a horrible cough.


Sleep Goblin said...

Oh wow, you can really rock the pink ends!! I would never have tried that..

I think you should name her Eleanor. I don't know why. It just came to me.

Madge said...

so when we call IT on a saturday, we're like...er, fucking up your whole day?

i try *not* to do this. i only did it once at the request of an old hag i work with, who, for whatever reason? takes so many meds she never says hello to me or thanks me when i hold open a door for her. at least that is how her rudeness was explained to me - so i'm supposed to feel sorry for her because she's "medicated." awesome! not buying it!

she's a hag!

i am upset about her, can you tell?! ;)

Madge said...

ps/ love your pink ends. :)

emoticon EXPLOSION