feeble attempts

at the cat's behest, i am back, though i am feeble and absent-minded. the past month has gone by in this fog of work and school and the only semi-clear memories i have are of gmail and google reader, food on utensils being tipped into my gullet and my feather pillow, soft and quicky rushing up to greet my face.

last night i attempted a show. red room cinema played wonderfully and the summerbirds in the cellar were enjoyable and pert. however, i ended up leaving early at 1:30 am, unable to continue onwards. also, i felt old and lame and can't really enjoy myself fully at crowbar (the ambience is just awful). i feel like the glory days of enjoying myself at shows has come and gone. i didn't even get to see maserati and i had really wanted to see them. anthony came home at 3:30 am and went to work without any sleep, knowing that had he slept, he wouldn't have made it into the office.

ugh, i'm feeling awful self-pitying right now, i blame the lack of sleep and the great desire to finish up classes and homework. i keep opening my collections development book, sighing a deep sigh, then returning to my computer to check email (for the umpteenth time) or browsing the tubes of the internet.

tonight will most likely find me cleaning and purging and attempting to finish homework. bleh bleh bleh. note to self: don't blog whilst feeling crappy and tired and vaguely unsatisfied. i can't even take a bath easily because filling up the tub causes me to RUN OUT OF HOT WATER. wtf, right? maybe i'll stove-top some hot water, hm...

i promise i'll be back soon and in a better mood. and with pictures of owen eating handfuls of sand. he's very adorable.

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Madge said...

note to self: don't blog whilst feeling crappy and tired and vaguely unsatisfied.

but? this is a really good post. i like it.