comps are done and my brain feels like absolute mush. smashed potatoes. cheesy grits. vegetarian hot dogs gone awry.

i'd like to take this opportunity to thank:

  • anthony for periodic bouts of calming, food & sustenence (i.e. early onset grumpiness prevention)
  • jim for reassurances and email procrastination
  • lucy for keeping me on track by mentioning how many pages she wrote on the first day and for facebook procrastination
  • google for my google reader addiction

tonight and tomorrow i'll be frantically finishing up my collection development policy and then, THEN, i shall frantically finish up my reading project.

and eagerly await girlfriend sweatshop in gainesville, where i shall transform into the all-powerful super lush (complete with regenerative liver).


Madge said...

I pour you the Veuve.
I give you the hug.

And the insanely boring topic you labored over was?

Rrramone said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... liver.....


Smirking Cat said...

Hey, where you at? Long time no blog!