set in stone

internet tubes appeared clogged last night, so i had to resort to posting this morning.

these pics are from visiting the petroglyph national monument in albuquerque. sadly, in addition to the original glyphs, there are far more "modern" interpretations to be found. OR, maybe they're just evidence that the scientologists were right.

our trip was absolutely wonderful and we had SUCH a blast with ramon & alexis. even with our favorite coffee/breakfast burrito shop (buster's) closed just the week before we visited.

last night i had my recurring dream regarding teeth loss. actually, it was just one tooth which strangely and raggedly broke, almost as though part of it has disintegrated. and apparently there is a TON of information on this common dream on the interwebs. i'll go with the explanation that it could represent that i am at a "breaking point" with some situation in my life.

stupid assignment due today by 11:59 pm.

*sigh* i need to 1) stop whining and 2) just finish it already.


me said...

I'm starting to suspect that I have a cognitive deficit because this is officially the first time I ever realized that you might have maybe had a thingy of your own on the Superhighway.

But one thing....word verification?? I feel betrayed.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about this recently too! How strange. I heard it relates to a feeling of mistrust or betrayal of someone close to you that needs to be resolved.


Madge said...

Let's go to New Mexico all over again!