in lieu of writing my needs assessment assignment, i instead drank a blue moon and worked on some photos from mine & ant's trip to new mexico to visit ramon & alexis! i am *that* good people. *that* good.

why do i like to screw myself over like this? *sigh*

however, without further procrastinatory ado:

these are from the ernie pyle library (it's his last home, converted). i especially loved the bathroom filled with periodicals. PERFECT! the whole place felt so cozy and warm, lots of wood shelving.

these are from the japanese spa, ten thousand waves. koi pond? in-the-buff hot tubbing in 40 degree temperatures in nature on the side of a mountain? snow, less than 5 ft away from the cauldron-esque tub of bubbling water? refreshing cucumber h2o? clean open showers with hair dryers and deliciously deep pine scented shower gel and lotion? warm towels and heated floors? need i say more?

apologies for the lack of actual tub photos! i'm still learning my wide angle lens. check out the site for pics of our tub - kobuta.

and these are from our trip up sandia peak! the sky was gorgeous this day. actually, for most of our trip, so we were quite lucky. we took the tram up the peak and had drinks at 'high finance', the "cleverly" named restaurant at the top! we're talking snow and major wind huddling action.

don't worry, there are a few more pics coming before my paper is due on wednesday. petroglyphs!


Madge said...

you are *that* good and i love it.

wow. the ernie pyle library? ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjkiuuuuuuuuu (jane, checking in) i want to work there! someplace cozy + kitsch. i just adore the sign outside - again, wow.

the spa photos. these remind me of what the high desert is like in Eastern Oregon. hot springs. snow. juniper trees. it's actually making my heart ache. ping!

all of your photos are lovely.

Ant said...

the spa was awesome, not to mention the best easter sunday i've had.