pucks & cues

glassin' up the courts

shuffleboard calls to me. calls to my old bones and creaky joints. calls to my days of watching cocoon and batteries not included. those little robots were the best.

it is important to note, however, that shuffleboard only calls to me in the fall. while we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we began sweating the moment we stepped out of the car and continued to sweat even while sitting down watching shuffleboard. truly, not for the faint of heart.

maddox came and joined us on the courts! with MAt and amy, of course. look at his expression; he's absolutely tickled to be participating in such a wonderfully timeworn and venerable sport.

the young master is pleased

clothed at first, he quickly shed damp outer cottony layers for the freedom of bare skin cooled by a hot, humid breeze. and the fanning of monetary donations. how could one resist, really? that muffin top is irresistible!! the boy is just so freaking cute. anthony's enthusiasm may have frightened him a little.

too cheap

sweaty pudginess

yuki was strong and braved the florida heat with us. she and i also succeeded in mowing down a roach and a grasshopper with our pucks.

kim: 1
yuki: 1
roaches/grasshoppers: 0

our aim is impeccable.

a true visitor to florida

kareema and francisco duke it out. they are also hoping to plan a championship shuffleboard title sometime in the fall. ah, cool weather ahead. so c'mon people. BRING IT.

the force is strong

out of his league?


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fb said...

Shuffleboard appears like a good idea in my head must be an age thing...