slimey blobs

alright. i'm floundering.

and i don't like it. i'm in this strange post-grad haze and i've been this amorphous blob just working, watching dvds and tv shows, doing laundry, eating, lazing, lounging, sighing. i loiter in my kitchen and gaze vacantly at my computer screen.


i'm not really sure what i'm supposed to be doing right now. maybe enjoying all the free post-graduation time, but being poor really blows sometimes. i've looked a little bit for a job, but i'm mostly hanging on to the potential librarian position here within my current organization. the application is in, now i only have to confirm my graduation to have it fully submitted. c'mon, usf! get moving!

i believe that, as a prize for deciding to attend commencement ceremonies, one should be handed a list of pre-approved, high-paying (preferably cushy) jobs in the immediate area and in several choice cities. two years of constant burr grinding and now.... amorphous blob.

so, onward to start a regimen.

mid-year resolutions:
walk/run/bike for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week
work in my sweatshop atelier at least 6 hours a week (10+ if possible)
finish business plan
find a good hair conditioner (preferably non-placental in nature)

additional items of glee & diversion:

august 1st was anthony's birthday! i took the friday off and we cavorted in orlando, making visits to ikea, downtown disney and disneyquest. it's five floors of "virtual fun"! double entendre?
it was actually pretty fun. free skeeball to your heart's content? you cannot go wrong.

anthony made the realization that all of the big virtual games weren't really score-based; you couldn't lose. they were directed in such a way as to always let you "win". i responded, "people don't want to pay $37 to be a loser."


Madge said...

i think these same thoughts, but i could never write about them as beautifully as you do.

but i do know that you are supposed to be enjoying your post-graduation time for whatever, because you've just accomplished a major time-consuming feat. and a scholastic one, too, but it took a lot of time.

i never got my diploma from usf. it is on me now to request that they resend it, but i keep putting it off. when you are done, you are done. you never want to look back!

i searched for federal librarian positions in the dot fed dot work dot gov dot whatever job search. if you are up to it, ohmygod, you can work on military bases all over the world as a civilian librarian. i know - not ideal, but you could go to italy? cairo? wow. i thought about it seriously, but then i was like army, ugh/bletch.

fb said...

Maybe get out there and take some Florida photos and I'll take out some photos here too. Perhaps we need a list of things to take pictures of.

Life is one strange funk at times...

Sleep Goblin said...

i too am blobbing... strange limbo feelings knowing that i'm leaving that i think is preventing me from starting anything. i can't even bring myself to pick up a book, or start a new video game. ds bought soul caliber iv, and he keeps telling me how much i'd love the character creation.. but i'm playing solitaire on the 360 and watching the daily show and weird documentaries on tlc about boys being brought up as girls as part of some weirdo psychology/sociology experiment.


fb said...

Right, how about 5 things each that we can easily access or should they be things outside the house at least?

fb said...

Got some 1) Bicycle 2) The destination on the bicycle 3) A view from a car or a train window 4) Your desk/work table at home 5) A bird

Smirking Cat said...

Have you started running yet? I only run once a week because this town sucks and has no good places to run. If I were still in Tampa, I'd go running by the water, which sounds nicer than it really is, since the water stinks.