why i rock: a typical morning

6:20-7:15 am

deep sleep, punctuated by bleary awareness of the alarm
zombie-like arm movements in the general vicinity of alarm clock
uncontrollable drooling
pushing away of cats nibbling at forearms

7:16 am

damnation! i'm late!
heart palpitations

7:16-7:17 am

frantic pulling on of funderwear & pants
bathroom rush
brush teeth
void bladder

7:17-7:18 am

pat down hair
finish dressing upper torso
shove feet in socks
race cats to foodbowls
feed cats

7:18-7:19 am

grab books to return
grab flash drive
grab phone
grab keys
grab purse

7:19-7:20 am

shove feet into shoes
peer into fridge for breakfast or lunch
go hungry

7:20-7:21 am

get into car
head to work

did you see that? 7:16-7:21 am. i am out of the house in 5 minutes. and surprisingly am not late to work.


Meaghan said...

holy gracious. You are amazing. It takes me five minutes to find the bathroom.

fb said...

and you blogged at the sametime?

Smirking Cat said...

Or...couldn't you just get up on time? Just sayin'... :)

kimberlina said...

i definitely didn't blog at the same time! i posted this much later in the day.

and trust me, i'd LOVE to be able to get up early. i just really, really, really suck at it. did i mention i suck at it?


Sleep Goblin said...

This is exactly how my mornings go... and on the off chance that I do get up early, I somehow screw it up so that by the time I actually start getting ready to leave, I'm already late again.

Spinning Girl said...

you are a miracle of science!