mm, yes, feeling much better, thanks.

and ahhhhhhhhhh... happy graduation to me! i officially walked on the 9th and it was all over in a mere 90 minutes. it was boring and predictable and it rained afterwards (read: no photos except for those taken by "bob knight"), but it was wonderful closure and the afternoon found me at t.c. choy's with anthony, my family and a-mo's family having a large spread of dim sum. i got duck!! it was delicious, as per usual.

duck makes any celebration greasy, rich and satisfying.

in fact, i am craving it right now... (so hungry!)

MADGE gets a big thank you for lending me her cap and gown! much expense was saved - i only spent $10 on the tassel! which was strangely fat & chunky. my high school and undergrad tassels were much slimmer.

and a thank you to SLEEP GOBLIN for the lovely graduation gift! 'non-adhesive binding books without paste or glue', by keith smith. amazon wishlists are such wonderful, versatile, easily-accessed things. PLUS, she gave me excellent advice on litter and a litterbox (see end of her post for cat poop related items)!

as for my mid-year resolutions, i am walking at least 2-3 times a week.

still need to get a handle on the other 3 items...
- work in my sweatshop atelier at least 6 hours a week (10+ if possible)
- finish business plan
- find a good hair conditioner (preferably non-placental in nature)


miss lila said...

congratulations! what an enormous accomplishment. i'm proud of (or for?) you, sweetheart!

thank you for your sweet comments over on my little blog. i keep meaning to speak up here and so! i am doing so today. ;D

i wish you luck on your resolutions, and hooray! for walking. i need to get this moving finished so i can start walking & exploring st. pete! it is so hot & nasty in clearwater, blehhh. hurry up, autumn!

Rrramone said...

Congrats to you! I start grad school on Monday so you inspire me. :-)

Smirking Cat said...

Congratulations! All right, what conditioners have you already tried that you don't like? (I'm growing my hair out long and am on a quest for a good conditioner too, so we can compare notes and find this Holy Conditioning Grail together.)

Sleep Goblin said...

oh shit, is that etsy stuff i see??? *runs over to the store to splurge*

Smirking Cat said...

Hey...over a month and no post...do I need to make a weekend trip back out there and find you? Hope it's the "too much fun" kind of busy keeping you away!