that was the temperature this morning when i stepped outside our front door. i was even chilled by the brisk wind while walking in to work! it was incredible. i love the fall and i had the urge to shop for copious quantities of yarn and start knitting.

2 years - CHECK

anyways, much excitement as of late! i hadn't realized how much time had gone by at all.

so, as noted previously, and evidenced by the above photo, i graduated. i also garnered a librarian position with my library and got a really awesome raise. did i mention it was awesome? why yes, it was awesome. really, really awesome. which is good, since we won't be getting any raises in the near (and far) future due to budget cuts. getting paid more for doing exactly the same sort of work is never a bad thing. however, the bulk of projects has definitely picked up since we lost a coworker (and i got to add his work to my inventory). so my days are insanely full and pass by ever so quickly. they're over before i know it. good and bad, perhaps.

hm, what else. i have ideas for posts, but never actually get around to typing them up. by the time i *have* time to type them up, i'm too tired and need coffee, or am too tired and need to sleep, or am hungry and therefore grumpy. i just can't win.

but here! now! finally! a post. i'm saving the best for last.

i think what i love best about hurricane season, the summer storm season, are the clouds. a few fridays ago anthony and i drove out to pinellas park and the cloud cover was just smashingly beautiful. so much texture and color; it looked like mountains in the distance. when i was in italy for 4 months, the florida sky was one of the things i missed the most. big and open wide with sunlight. and warm. because italy? seriously, bitterly cold in the winter.

and october 31st? halloween? a marriage ceremony! planning has taken up quite a bit of my time and once parents were involved, informal plans spiraled quickly out of hand. we have no complaints, but a monochromatic dress-up reception has been nixed. i feel that i'm in a really good place right now and am getting kind of super giddy now that the big stuff has been done. :D


Sleep Goblin said...

I wondered about that. I remember you saying something about dressing up, and then the paper says "semi-formal attire". It's cool though, I have lots of fancy dresses :) I'll be a "princess" or something ;)

fb said...

Good, good. Congrats!

Can we see these epic storm brewing cloudscapes?

There's a photo assignment.

Cloud chasing with gimchi!

Smirking Cat said...

Hey, congratulations!