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some photos of the ceremony are available here !

so very many thanks are needed for our wedding and nothing i could write could ever be enough.

to amy, for making the most delicious chocolate hazelnut cake i've ever eaten, with the most adorable and edible birds i've ever seen. i think there may be a photo of anthony pulling an ozzy on one of them...

to jacques, for running around with a video camera capturing all of our best and most embarassing antics. (like when a glass of red wine went down the front of my dress.)

to keoni for being our d.j. and for being so damn hip. SPRING BREAK!

to fanny and joyce, for manning the guest book table and helping out with the delayed seating (small fiasco).

to virginia, meaghan and erika for ironing, making the bouquets, the placecards and for ripping me out of my dress at the end of the night, when the heat rash set in (sexy, right?). and for plying me with alcohol anytime i needed it.

to sleep goblin, for traveling to florida, going with me to the zoo, learning me how to crochet and being a superb internet girlfriend.

to my mom, for keeping my family all rounded up, for being supportive and for freaking out so i did, eventually, get my nails done the morning of. mom, you were right.

and to anthony, for being calm and wonderful and sweet and himself.


Madge said...

your wedding photos are lovely!
you looked absolutely divine.
and that cake? ::chomp chomp::


Sleep Goblin said...

and i thank you for inviting me, and being as wonderful in person as you are online :)

also, i hope that's not the photo i requested of you for your wedding present :P

Naynayfazz said...

Wow, those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I loved them. Man, I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog (well, blogs in general). Congratulations on getting married.

Smirking Cat said...

Some of those pictures look like they were taken on that boardwalk at WellCare. Ah, good times. The pictures are gorgeous, and I love the necklace you were wearing.

Hi, Anthony!

Tits McGee said...


First, I am an asshole for not commenting in forever.


Third, holy hell are you and your betrothed achingly beautiful.

Fourth, I want to eat you up OM NOM NOM.

Rrramone said...